Hello I’m Kimya Imani Jackson

This blog will explore artistic and health themes.

Hi I’m Kimya Imani Jackson, PhD. Kimya means quiet/calm. Imani means faith.

I am following my wise ten year old self who knew that artistic and health work were the way to go! Ways to create connections specifically creative connections.

Artistically, I am a dance coach for adults who feel shy about dancing in public because they feel they don’t have any rhythm. Or I help other artistic types infuse movement into their work. Additionally, I help dance teachers who want to do more performing themselves make that transition. As a performer, I love doing improvisational dance with experimental musicians. I also love doing movement to poetry and live music. The thrill of having to develop movement on the spot where things can go really wrong, really great, or somewhere in between is just wonderful. I also enjoy creating short choreography work (1-5 minutes). It is fun to see what can be developed within a short period of time.

Health wise, I am a holistic provider who teaches individuals and groups (workshops, birthday parties, New Year celebrations) meditation. I am also a Reiki practitioner who provides in person and long distance sessions (where I do not have to be physically present).  For life transitions (a move, recovering from an illness, changes in relationships, job change), I can provide in person house  (apartments included)cleansing/house (apartments included) blessings. As a health/healthcare project/program manager/strategist, I develop initiatives from start to finish and toolkits (teaching materials) based on my many years of experience as a health researcher and healthcare evaluator.


Twenty plus years of experience as a performing artist (dance, physical theater). Learning Pochinko clown right now in 2017! 

Seven years as meditation teacher.

Four years as a Reiki 1 provider and just completed my Reiki 2 training.

PhD in Biobehavioral Health with a concentration in Gerontology.

Other things about me…..

I kiss my husband a lot.

I’m really focused on learning/speaking French this time.

White belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu who will enter all classes with focused calm.